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Guidelines on how to prevent wrinkling around the eyes
Eye protection is something to be considered at the age of twenty and onwards. It is recommended to use a nourishing and moisturizing cream for the area under the eyes, and to remove eye makeup before going to sleep using a makeup remover. Also make sure not to rub your eyes because may lead to the appearance of black halos under the eyes. 

To get rid of wrinkles; it is recommended to use anti-wrinkle creams on a regular basis or to inject the area with the materials used for that purpose. As for black halos, there are different causes such as; genetics, aging, exhaustion, staying up late, sitting for long hours in front of the computer or it could be due to the color of the complexion itself, and this could be treated using whitening creams (of medical brands). There are two kinds of eye puffiness; the first kind is due to fat accumulation, and the second one is due to health disorders, thus it is essential for the patient to run some tests to determine which kind he has and to get the required treatment accordingly. To reduce the above three problems affecting the area around the eyes, it is also recommended to apply sunscreen at all times.  

Tips to keep your eyes healthy:

  • Drink lots of fluids, adopt a healthy diet and avoid staying up late.
  • Make sure your pc screen is always clean and keep a distance of 50 cm away from the screen.
  • Don’t use makeup from other people as that may cause problems. Massage the eyes and apply some of the eye cream on your finger then tap the eye gently back and forth for two minutes. You could also apply tea compresses or cucumber on a weekly basis to comfort the eye and the surrounding.  


Guidelines on how to prevent wrinkling around the eyes

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