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Energy Drink

Energy Drink: a new product introduced recently to the market as it provides mental and physical stimulation.



 Energy drinks are similar to soft drinks in terms of composition; it contains caffeine, glucose, sucrose, vitamins such as (B1, B6, and B12) and some other Amino Acids however; the amount of caffeine it contains is much higher than the amount contained in soft drinks.

Some of these drinks contain stimulants such as; Taurine, Inositol, Ephedra and plants like Ginseng, Guarana and others.


Desired effects of energy drinks

It provides the body with relatively high dose of caffeine which is considered as a nerve system stimulant. After 12- 13 minutes of taking it in, caffeine reaches its highest levels in the blood; meaning it becomes highly absorbable reaching all body tissues and leading to increase in blood pressure, increase in urination, rise in metabolism, burning fat, stimulation of the nerve system and increase in bowel movement which then causes memory activation, mood improvement and increase the level of the cognitive and physical performances. 


Negative effects of energy drinks

  1. Increase in consumption may lead to addiction.
  2. According to a study introduced by a student in the Faculty of Science  in Al-Quds Open University,  the materials contained in energy drinks cause Osteoporosis on the short term (around 10 years).  
  3. Cause grave damage to the liver.
  4. Extrusion of body fluids.
  5. Increase in blood pressure
  6. Decrease tissues’ response to Insulin Hormone.
  7. May help in decreasing the number of sperms.
  8. Chronic headache, insomnia and sleeping disorders.



Does energy drinks lead to death


 Deaths resulting from energy drinks are quite rare and it often occurs due to the following:

  1. The person has a previous heart condition such as; acute muscular dystrophy, uncontrolled pressure, arteriostenosis (happens without symptoms), genetic malformations in the heart arteries which may expose the patient to the risk of dying when he increases his effort.  
  2. Taking other materials with the energy drink such as; alcohol, Captagon pills and Heroine … etc.
  3. The activity for which the drinks were taken to increase body performance (exceeding his normal effort) is the cause of death.
  4. the energy drink causes epilepsy or uncontrolled convulsions leading thereby to stop breathing. 



Energy Drink and Sport Drink

Many athletes combine between energy drinks and sport drinks,  whereas sport drinks contain simple sugars and mineral salts such as; Sodium and Potassium which compensate for the loss of fluids preventing dehydration and providing the body with calories needed to practice sports, unlike energy drinks which extrude fluids from the body; therefore athletes should not take energy drinks as a substitute for sport drinks or during practicing physical activities.